Monday, May 02, 2005

Friendship manifesting Serenity

Had my tarot cards read tonight.

After a day of fixing things, moving things and endlessly sorting things, we finally got the first floor done. Next stop, second floor!

An evening with friends, new acquaintances and old buddies, proved to be a relaxing way to spend Sunday despite the hauling and cleaning in the house. Met up with Clang, Karl and the rest of the peyups peeps (happy birthday Tin!) at Teriyaki Boy for dinner and conversation, which quickly turned to a frenzy of laughter, jokes and a helluva fun time. Met up with Carla and Haydz afterwards to check out the festivities in Eastwood. It was a "mystical weekend" which meant tarot card readers,fortunetellers, etc., hence, the tarot reading.

In college i got fascinated by the world of tarot, even dabbling in it myself. I was attuned to the child cards, which was a deck that featured childrens' book characters instead of the kinda morbid ones found in the traditional deck. The person i talked to had, fortunately, a lovely deck which featureed angels and lovely illustrations.He gave me two readings, one from his angel deck, and a couple more from his tarot deck.

Interestingly, the cards seem to enunciate the events happening so quickly in my life. As much as i don't want to rely too much on his advice, it's pretty uplifting to know that everything has options within one's reach. As for other issues, it give me relaxation to realize that life is pretty darn good these days, and can only get better...

:-) Thank you!

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